Sunday, March 30, 2008

Insect attacks

Spider mites attacks on orchids.

Spider mites are not insects but are more closely related to ticks and spiders. Their common name is derived from their ability to produce silk, which most species spin on host plants. Mites are tinyCabout the size of the period at the end of this sentence. They can also be very prolific, which is why infestations often go unnoticed until plants exhibit significant damage.

Treatment wow banyaknye mites....malathion kurang berkesan untuk mites...mites ialah sejenis sucking insect...kalao sia, biasa menggunakan

1. Neem Oil Emulsion
2. ALBAROL ( kelas 4)

Cara : Rendamkan atau spray keseluruhan pokok yg terkena jangkitan.. ulang 3 hari sekali sehingga tiada jangkitan baru dapat di kesan...

Pokok masih boleh survive setelah rawatan diberikan secara sempurna.

Nampak pokok tuan pdox tu ialah dari genus Paphiopedilum tuuuu......

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